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Atty. Gianluca De Vincentis
expert in Criminal and Immigration Law

The De Vincentis Law Firm was founded about thirty years ago by Esq. Giuseppe De Vincentis, my father.

It is thanks to him that I became passionate about law and, after completing my law degree, started - already at the age of 22 - to undertake this profession, which I adore.

I am Atty. Gianluca De Vincentis and, using an American expression, I love to call myself a "Criminal and Immigration Lawyer." The headquarter of my firm is in Telese Terme but, at the age of 35, I also met with clients in secondary offices in Naples, Rome, Milan, Bologna, Turin, Foggia and Berlin. The next and imminent goal is opening an office also in France, more precisely in the city of Paris. As you can easily understand, the subjects of my competence are: criminal law and immigrtion law (citizenship and residence permit). Someone called me "Lawyer 2.0" because I practice my profession outside the traditional schemes. No longer a solitary, individualistic lawyer, jealous of his own knowledge but dynamic, enterprising and who, only with the help of numerous and qualified collaborators, can guarantee maximum professionalism and speed in the execution of legal practices.

The client must not only win but also do it promptly!

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Telese Terme, lì 20.01.2021


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Counseling Area

Here you can book your counseling and immediately have an expert who will answer all your questions, providing you with a prompt solution to your legal problem

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Criminal Legal Advice

If you had any problem related to Criminal Justice you can immediately ask for advice and in a few minutes you will have the answer to your questions

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Criminal Law Counseling

For any aspect related to criminal and penalty crimes in Italy we can carry out an analysis of your case and give you the best solution

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Residence Permit Counseling

If you are an immigrant and want to obtain a residence permit, we can guarantee that the procedure is carried out in a very short time

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We solve your Legal Problems
ensuring full support

Our mission is clear: to protect our clients' rights in a very short time!

  • Innovative Approach

    Being a lawyer is a mission, the call to listen to others, to place others at the center of interest, to help others in a selfless manner. Our clients' approach is based on values such as:


    Create a new legal culture in Italy, which helps the decision-making process of the authorities in an increasingly complex, more con fl ictive and constantly evolving society.

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We have a team of lawyers
qualified in the Criminal and Immigration law Tel: +39 328 163 7976

Avv. Lorenza Napoletano

Immigration Law - Civil Area Tel. +39 328 163 7976

Atty. Raffaele Carlo

Immigration Law - Civil Area Tel. +39 328 163 7976

Atty. Luigino Di Giacomo

Immigration Law - Civil Area Tel. +39 328 163 7976

Atty. Dario De Vincentis

Immigration Law - Civil Area Tel: +39 328 163 7976

Atty. Giuseppe D’Agostino

Criminal Law Tel: +39 328 163 7976

Atty. Giuseppe Santagata

Criminal Law +39328 163 7976

Dott.ssa Giordano Concettina +39328 163 7976

Avv. Umberto Iacobelli

Immigration Law - Civil Area

Avv. Gianluca de Vincentis

Immigrazione e Cittadinanza

Avv. Marco De Gregorio

Avv. Grazia Canelli

Commerciale - Societario

Avv. Francesco Fusco

Commerciale - Societario

Avv. Andreana Massarelli