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Residence Permit under discussion: what does it mean

Foreign citizens who have applied for a residence permit to be issued, renewed or duplicated, can check in a few simple steps what stage their application is and see if the residence permit is ready for withdrawal.

But how is it possible to check how the application is proceeding and what is the time frame for approval? Letโ€™s find out together.

Access the State Police website

The first thing to do is to access the website and click on the icon with the words"Your residence permit".โ€.

From here you will be directed to another page where you can choose in which language check the status of the residence permit.

At this point it is possible to enter the number the number of the insured (12 characters) if the request was submitted to the Post Office or the practice number (10 characters) if the procedure was carried out directly at the offices of the Police Headquarters.

After entering the insurance number, you just have to send the request by pressing the "Send" button.

How to find out if the residence permit is ready

After pressing the send button, you will be shown the status in which you find the application for a residence permit.

There are three options:

  1. Residence permit ready: in this case you will see a message that says that the residence permit is ready for delivery and the address of the office where you have to go to collect it.
  2. Residence permit not ready: in this case, you will find a message with the words "residence document under discussion".
  3. Document not in the archive: many non-EU citizens after having made the request for issuance or renewal of the residence permit and after having waited so many months, find themselves in front of this message. This means that one of the following situations has occurred:
  • The practice has been rejected
  • The file has been closed
  • Residence permit has already been delivered

Receipt of residence permit

If the residence permit is not ready yet, donโ€™t worry!

Waiting for the renewal, you can still leave Italy and return by presenting the receipt of the residence permit of the Italian Post Office that attests the submission of the application for renewal.

In possession of this receipt, the foreign citizen can do all the activities that can be done with a valid residence permit: recieving medical care, enroll in the university or in other training courses, sign a lease or employment contract, etc.

Do you need advice or do you want more information about the Permit to stay in Italy?

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